Buying and Building Media Brands

Our websites inform and educate readers while enabling our partners to reach an engaged audience. Entrepreneurs sell to us because we make the often daunting process fast and painless.


ContentJoy owns and operates a portfolio of online brands consisting of leading authority sites in the technology, health and food niches. Our brands help viewers make informed buying decisions through quality up-to-date content, user reviews and insights, and access to product and solution providers.


We have a strong background in technology. We are focused on cloud computing, B2B software and emerging technologies.


We are investing in the health and wellness market predominantly focused on fitness and healthy lifestyle in country specific geographies. 


Food blogging is how we got into content sites. We still operate in this market and continue to invest in serving our long term audiences and partners.

What We Look for in a Business

Content Sites

Our expertise is in affiliate and media content websites.

Run by Founders

We usually buy directly from founders or solopreneurs.

Operating History

We look for businesses with 3+ years of operating history.

Growing Niche

The business needs to be in a growing niche within our focus markets.

How We Grow Companies


We grow our acquisitions by executing on our custom marketing strategies and refining the business positioning and branding.


We make extensive use of automation tools and software and have inhouse systems that allow us to scale and run businesses efficiently.


We invest in business growth with both money and sweat. We prefer assets that produce cash flow and that we can hold for the long-term.

Why Sell to Us

Fair Price

We are not going to lowball you. We value your and our time and want the transaction to be fair to all involved.

Simple Terms

We don’t like long, complicated contracts either. Our terms are simple, easy to understand and written in plain English.

Fast Due Diligence

We move quickly. We evaluate the business and make an offer within a fortnight. We close the deal within 30 days – often quicker.

We Are Founders Too

You are selling to other founders not to financial managers who live in Excel. We know what goes into building a business and selling something you built from scratch.