Top 10 Websites to Hire Freelancers

Last Updated: July 19, 2020

As technology advances, more and more companies are moving their operations online. This move cuts costs for businesses and creates opportunities for freelancers. Over time, freelancing has become more common, and increasingly people are making a full time living as freelancers.

Hiring a freelancer is convenient and saves you valuable time. Also, you do not have to set up an office or employment contracts for specific services that your company needs. If you are looking into hiring freelancers for your company projects, this article helps you see where you can find quality freelancers for hire.

10 Best Sites to Find Freelancers



Fiverr is one of the most popular websites for hiring freelancers. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for both the Freelancer and the client. The hiring process is super quick and easy. Once you are satisfied with the work from the Freelancer, the system releases payment automatically. 

The best thing about Fiverr is that it allows you to find any service, including web design, development, writing, and audio transcription, and provides an exact figure of what you will pay. The fixed prices are much more reasonable than hourly rates, so you do not have to adjust the pay after the work.

Fiverr features freelance personnel in different niches and specialties. You can find IT specialists, web developers, writers, etc. Whether you are looking for a freelancer for a one-time gig or a long-term project, you can find suitable options on Fiverr.


Upwork is another famous site to hire a freelance service provider. It is easy to use and analyzes your needs as a client to highlight the best freelancers for your project. You start by posting a job with the details of your project.

Upwork then runs a search to match your work with freelancers based on their skills and experience. After posting the job, you get a shortlist of likely freelancers that you can choose from. The best thing is that you can search the site to find specialized freelance service providers in your field.

When you find one, you can then send them invites to submit their proposals and portfolios. Just like Fiverr, Upwork will pay the Freelancer once you are satisfied with the work. You can hire on a fixed price or hourly rate terms.

People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing website that connects business owners with talented freelancers. It offers just about any business service that you can imagine. From logo designs and copywriting to web development and article writing, PeoplePerHour is a viable choice for any client. 

PeoplePerHour has a few ways you can hire freelancers. One, you can purchase an offer that comes as a fixed price package. This works well if you are looking to hire a freelancer for a one-time project. It is also suitable if you are skeptical and want to test out the Freelancer’s capabilities before using them for larger, long-term projects.

Secondly, you can post a job and explain your expectations. Freelancers see your project description and can submit proposals for you to go through. You can then select the best proposals based on their expertise and knowledge on the project at hand. 

Lastly, you can browse freelancers’ profiles and contact those you feel match your work requirements. They can then submit proposals that you can go through and determine the best fit for the project.


Guru is another popular freelancer site. Although it has fewer freelancers than most other popular sites, it is an excellent choice for any freelancing project. More and more professionals are warming up to using it to provide their freelance services. So, you can bet you will find experienced, knowledgeable freelancers on there as well. 

One of the things that stand out with Guru is the 5% job fee. It is lower than most other freelancing sites making it one of the most cost-efficient options. As a client, you get to post jobs for free and wait to see which freelancers are interested in the project.

Facebook Groups

Facebook, over time, has grown to be one of the best social media marketplaces. Not only does it suit product businesses, but it also works well for services. There are a variety of Facebook groups on almost any topic and niche you can think of.

These groups include both business owners and freelancers. Hiring in a Facebook group is easier and more straightforward than other sites. However, you have to be careful not to fall for scammers. This is because it is typically hard to control the members of the group and their authenticity.

But, there you will get reputable service providers in just about any niche. As long as you set your terms on the work at hand, you can find a match for both one-time and long-term projects.


Freelancer is another platform that you can use to hire freelancers. It is super easy to use for both the client and the Freelancer. You only need to post a job describing what you need for your work. Applicants will then place bids that you can go through to pick a suitable match.

The best thing about Freelancer is that it features a variety of services. You can hire a virtual assistant, a writer, a mobile app developer, a web designer, etc.


Flexjobs is a website that features remote work-from-home jobs both on a full-time and part-time basis. It has freelancers with experience and knowledge on specific topics and skills.

As a client, you can post a job with requirements, including timelines and any expectations you have. It showcases jobs in over 50 categories so you can bet the service you are looking for is available. FlexJobs vets job descriptions and companies to ensure they are legitimate.

This site caters to the Freelancer as it only accepts professionals in a particular niche. That said, it is easier to get a suitable match compared to most other sites. Since freelancers on the site have to subscribe at a fee, you are less likely to get scammers or inexperienced freelancers.



This is one of the sites you can use to hire a freelancer for development services. It unites companies and freelancers from all over the world to provide a variety of options for everyone. The site features developers, such as coders, software engineers, and architects.

It also features designers that are expert UI, Visual and interaction designers. On top of these, you can find finance experts, product managers, and project managers. It is one of the easiest to hire and provides flexible options from full time to hourly.


Github is a platform where software developers host their code. They can work together to review code, manage projects, and collaboratively build software.

The great thing is that some of the code is public, and you can see some of the projects developers worked on. If you find a developer you like or someone that has done a similar project to yours in the past, you can contact them and see if they are interested in taking on your project.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question and answer platform particularly popular among programmers. People can post bugs, and the community can help them resolve the issues.

While you may think of it as a chit-chat site for programmers, it is a simple site where you get direct answers to your queries. All the questions on the site have tags according to their subject areas. When you click on any tag, you find a list of questions featuring that tag so you can easily browse topics that interest you.

Then you can see who are some of the active developers and contact them if you think they are the right person for your project.

How to Hire Freelancers

Hiring freelancers, like other professionals, requires a few considerations to ensure you get the right fit. First, determine the scope of your project. This includes the responsibilities, goals, and timelines of your project. Also, define the milestones you expect the Freelancer to meet and outline the budget.

Make sure you highlight the minimum qualifications of the freelancer you are looking for. Here, describe the experience, background, and any specialization you need. Next, identify the site you intend to use to find the Freelancer.

Ensure you draft a detailed job description and post it on the site. Include the qualifications, budget, expectations, and timeline. Go through the applications and narrow down to a few that suit your project. Interview them following the site’s terms and evaluate the best for the project.

If you are not sure of the experience and capability of the freelancers you chose, ask for a test. Assess the quality of the test and pick the one that is closest to your expectations. At this point, you can ask for revisions and help them understand your ideas. A second test or a smaller job to start with will then determine if they can handle more projects from you in the future.

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