MozCon 2020 Review: Who Should Attend?

Last Updated: July 19, 2020

Although digital marketing is an expansive scene, SEO is right at heart. If you want to hack the industry, you will need an extensive knowledge on the same. 

Sure, there are so many resources online. But wouldn’t it be ideal if you could learn from the best?

Moz is a SaaS company that is well known for its expertise in SEO. The company builds a variety of tools to make SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing much easier for companies and individuals in the scene. 

Moz started holding summer training events in 2006 in Seattle, Washington. In 2011, Moz transformed the training into MozCon, a customer conference. This annual event brings together a community of experts, allowing companies and individuals to connect with industry leaders and other practitioners. 

MozCon at a Glance

Moz, the company behind the MozCon SEO events in Seattle, started in 2004. Over the years, the company has established itself as an SEO expert for the blogging and online community. The company was initially known as SEOMoz before rebranding to Moz in may of 2013. 

Every year, the SEO gurus hold a three-day marketing conference in July. The event happens in Seattle, Washington, and brings together a community of experts and novices in the digital marketing scene. The experts in these events usually tackle a range of topics in digital marketing, including content marketing, brand building, analytics, and mobile marketing. 

Who Should Attend?

Although marketing events are quite many, you should purpose to attend MozCon in Seattle. It brings together an entire community of people in the marketing scene. Whether you are an SEO expert or would like to learn the ropes, you should book your spot at the conference. 

Some of the key people in attendance will include SEOs, agencies, content marketers, and marketing executives. 

The event provides a perfect opportunity to connect with industry leaders. If you have been eyeing certain brands in the digital marketing scene, this could be your chance to network and connect with them for business opportunities. 

MozCon 2019: A Complete Recap

MozCon 2019 took place in Seattle, Washington, and brought together several industry leaders. The conference’s underlying agenda was the evolution of the search industry and how SEOs had to adapt. The organizers lined up excellent speakers to headline some of the changes in the industry and what content marketers need to do to stay ahead of the game. 

Sarah Bird, who is the CEO of Moz, took to stage to welcome the attendees. She also delved into the details of the golden age of search. Sarah explained that not all search is created equal and that SEO’s need to adapt to the new era and find the best opportunities. 

Here’s a more in-depth recap of the three-day event.

Day One:15th July

Rand Fishkin of Spark Toro was next on stage. He tackled Web Search 2019: The Essential Data Marketers Need. Rand primarily sought to dispel the notion that a new technology would kill an existing one. Some of the examples he gave included TV was supposed to do away with radio and that computers were supposed to do away with TV. 

In the same way, Rand insisted that voice may not kill search anytime soon, contrary to popular belief among marketers. 

The other day one speakers included Ruth Reedy, who tackled the importance of optimizing for humans, and Diana DiTomaso, who talked of improving reporting and analytics within Google Tools. 

Darren Shaw, Rob Bucci, and Ross Simmonds were also part of the day one line-up. Darren gave the essential tools you need to go from zero to a local ranking hero. Bucci, on the other hand, highlighted the challenges and opportunities of local market analytics.

The evening ended with a welcome party at Block 41 in Belltown, Seattle. Attendees got a chance to mingle with fellow marketers over some food and drink at the patio.

Day Two: 16th July 

Heather Physioc was the first speaker of the second day. Her talk focussed on how to merge experts in select areas to form one integrated powerhouse, which is ideal for marketing. Mary Bowling was next on stage. She emphasized the importance of branding, especially in the era of local search. 

Cassie Gillette of KoMarketing then took to stage to highlight the importance of creating that people remember. Other speakers on day two included Wil Reynolds, Paul Shapiro, and Marie Haynes. Marie Haynes made one of the most memorable talks of the conference, where she tackled useful tactics for improving your site’s E-A-T and even highlighted the importance of running your tests. 

Christi Olson addressed the issue of voice searches. She emphasized that SEO marketing companies now have to optimize their searches for voice, seeing as it was gaining popularity very fast. She added that voice Schema and bots would work excellently with voice searches to boost rankings for content marketers. 

The last speaker of the day was Dr. Pete Meyers of Moz, who talked about the ‘People also ask’ section on Google search results. He highlighted the best tactics for finding questions for your website and how to come up with content around them. 

Day Three: 17th July

The speakers for the last day were Cindy Krum, Luke Carthy, Andy Crestodina, Rob Ousbey, among others. Cindy, of Mobile Moxie, covered the best tactics of mobile-first indexing. Andy gave the attendees tips for finding and updating their content for more traffic and higher rankings. Rob Ousbey then shared the importance of running your SEO tests and how to do it. 

Crestodina delved into the importance of content, ranking, and lead generation. He emphasized the quality of blog posts rather than quantity. He also expounded on the fact that including infographics, videos, and other visual formats would lead to higher rankings.  

Some of the other speakers who tackled the afternoon session included Greg Gifford, Joelle Irvine, Joy Hawkins, and Britney Muller. Some of the topics they addressed include how to audit for inclusive content, image and visual search optimization, and how to target featured snippets. 

The SEO marketing conference ended with a closing night bash. The attendees came together to wrap things up at the Garage. There were several games, such as bowling and karaoke, to help everyone mingle as they said goodbye. 

What to Expect in MozCon 2020

Usually, the MozCon SEO event happens in Seattle, Washington. However, things will be slightly different this year following the global pandemic. This year, MozCon is going virtual on 14th and 15th July. As is the norm, marketers will get the chance to connect with the entire Moz marketing community and learn about tools and some helpful tactics from anywhere in the world. 

Although the organizers are yet to release the conference’s schedule and agenda, they already have the speakers lined up. This year, Mozcon will bring together 24 speakers over the two-day SEO event. The sessions will run from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m on the 14th and 15th of July. Some of the notable speakers in this year’s conference include Sarah Bird, Brian Dean, Andy Crestodina, Britney Muller, Mike King, among others. 

Although the virtual experience will be quite different from the conference held in Seattle, attendees will still get to mingle with fellow SEO marketers and discover new tactics. The organizers have included Birds of a Feather Discussion Groups in the itinerary. The discussion groups will offer some advice for everyone and will consist of a range of topics such as local SEO marketing and link building. Besides the attendees, speakers, event partners, and Moz Staff will also be part of the discussion groups. You can also connect with the community through the MozCon Facebook Group. 

Every year, MozCon attracts several SEO marketing sponsors. Some of this year’s sponsors include Crowd Content, Gather Up, and Base. 

How Much is MozCon 2020?

You can purchase your ticket for the virtual MozCon through their website. The ticket costs $129 and includes the Birds of a Feather Discussion Groups. Attendees will also participate in the live Q & A session with all the speakers and access to the video bundle. For all the tickets bought, Moz will be making a charitable donation. 

 MozCon has a professional team on standby that will be recording the event. The organizers ask the attendees not to record the sessions themselves. The ticket will include edited versions of the videos and will be released after the conference. The ticket will also allow attendees to interact and share networking opportunities with other marketers, event organizers, and speakers.

The Bottom Line

Diehard supporters of MozCon Seattle events may feel a bit disappointed that the event will not be in Seattle this year. However, the organizers couldn’t cancel the entire event but still wanted to ensure everyone’s safety. You can still connect with the Moz Community and learn from fellow digital marketers even though you won’t get to travel to sunny Seattle this summer. 

The MozCon virtual conference may be quite different from and shorter than the actual Seattle SEO conference. However, attendees will still have the same opportunity to learn from industry leaders and share helpful tactics with fellow marketers. If you are in the digital marketing scene, this is an event you don’t want to miss. So, go ahead and grab your virtual ticket from the website. Be sure to camp on the website for updates on the upcoming schedule for the events and main agenda. 

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