LeadsCon 2020 Review: Who Should Attend?

Last Updated: July 19, 2020

Twice a year, a LeadsCon conference is held on lead generation and performance marketing. The conference extensively covers everything from generating more leads, building relationships, and understanding customers’ behavior.

Over the years, lead gen experts and marketing leaders from all around the world have continually gathered in one place. This experience has helped many companies and entrepreneurs grow personally and grow their businesses.

What exactly is LeadsCon

We have put together a detailed account of the LeadsCon event, where it is held, who should attend, and how much it costs.

LeadsCon at a Glance

James Weintraub launched the initial LeadsCon conference in 2008 at The Palms in Las Vegas. It was the first-ever three-day conference and expo designed for companies in the lead gen industry.

Every year, a lead gen conference is held in Las Vegas and in Boston. Over 5,000 attendees and 400 companies meet to interact and exchange unparalleled ideas.

LeadsCon events have created a stimulating and conducive environment. Professionals from all over the world in the lead gen industry can now convene to network, share different ideas, trends, and discuss the latest performance-based services. 

The conferences are well planned. The programs consist of interactive panel discussions, full exhibit halls, addresses from keynote speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities. All sessions are aimed at creating a better understanding of the lead gen industry. 

Who Should Attend?

LeadsCon is for anyone interested in the ever-growing lead gen and performance-based marketing industry. If you desire accountability in marketing and have result-driven objectives, you should attend the next conference.

Apart from the new tricks, you will learn from keynote speakers and exhibitors. The platform offers an opportunity to network with over 2,500 like-minded individuals. This is definitely the place to get more business.

A lead gen event is also the right place for companies that are looking to build their brand name. Everyone will be there from startups to well-established companies. There is no better place to get your next lead investor or gen marketing business partner than in a LeadsCon conference. 

LeadsCon 2019: A Total Recap

The last LeadsCon event was held at The Mirage in Las Vegas from 4th to 6th March 2019. Just like every other year, professionals and companies swamped the place with high attendance. Keynote speakers were present ready to deliver.

Below is an account of what happened over the three days and the specific topics discussed each day at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2019.

Day One: 4th March 2019

On the first day, the conference began at 8.00 a.m. The day involved ten insightful sessions by different keynote speakers spread across various halls. In the morning, there were three workshops; 

  • 360-degree marketing optimization workshop by Gordon Brott, Founder of Gordon Brott Growth Marketing.
  • Advanced Email Workshop by John Sisson, President of HBT marketing and Nancy Harhut CCO of HBT marketing.
  • Partnership Marketing Workshop by several speakers such as JT Benton Founder WorkBook 6, Rita DiPalma, CDO, Augeo Marketing, and many others.

The afternoon sessions were filled with six buyers and sellers summit and a marketing reception account. Finally, the night ended with an Official LeadsCon Party.

Day Two: 5th March 2019

The day started with a Tim Burke award presented by LeadsCouncil. The State of The Industry followed Surveying Customer Acquisition Today sponsored by PX.

There were two keynote sessions;

  • Millennials, Gen Z, and the future of Mobile Marketing with Mark McMaster head of US  Global Online Sales, Snapchat.
  • Shaping, Branding perception through storytelling by Ben Tamblyn Director Storytelling and Corporate Communications, Microsoft.

A lunch and expo break were combined. The afternoon was packed with nine sessions on the following topics:

  • Call Generation; Acquiring quality leads at scale.
  • Lead Generation and the Federal Trade Commission: Q&A on Consumer Protections 
  • What’s The #1 ONLINE Conversion Tool on The Planet? OFFLINE Retargeting Direct Mail. 
  • Leveraging Market Influencer for Lead Generation.
  • 33 Actionable Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tools that Can Improve Your Campaigns Today. 

A brief Expo Networking Break was taken followed by;

  • Closing the Loop: Using Multi-Touch Attribution to Boost Lead Monetization.
  • How Alexa, Google, and Other Emerging Assistants will change Marketing SEO Forever. 
  • The New Science Behind Campaigns that Persuade 

The evening ended with Expo Happy Hour.

Day Three: 6th March 2019

The morning started with a Keynote session on The Business Model of Content: Reinventing Content Marketing into a Measurable Business strategy with Robert Rose, the Content Advisor. Followed by an Expo Networking break.

More sessions followed;

  • EDU Marketing Automation; The Technology and Proven Strategies You Need.
  • Connecting With Consumers; Understanding Their Needs and Humanizing the Process.
  • How BlockChain is Changing Lead Generation.
  • Is Data Killing Creativity? No, and Here is Why.
  • Healthcare in 2019 and Where Do We Go From Here
  • How to Endure the Challenges of Today’s Regulation with Tech
  • From Automated Insurance Leads to Customer Engagement; How Agents and Digital Carriers Compete in a Fast-Changing World.
  • The Future of Data For People-Based Marketing: A Return of the Golden Rule.
  • Leveraging AI to Reveal Out of The Box, Revenue Generating Leads Income.
  • Mortgage Lead Gen; Today’s Market Changes Driving Tomorrow’s Lending Opportunity.
  • 20 Crazy Effective Methods for Increasing Conversions.

Notable Speakers

Attendees had the privilege of learning lead gen strategies from top experts in the industry.

Here is a brief list of the speakers comprised of CEOs, founders, strategists, etc.; 

  • David Quiec, Partner EngineFish.
  • Erik Josowitz, Senior VP, Technology & Strategy AWL 
  • Tom Radle, VP CRM Sales, Ellie Mae
  • Liora Simozar, Senior Account Marketer, Clutter.
  •  George B Thomas, Inbound Evangelist, Impulse Creative 
  • Eral Lobel, CEO/Executive Account Producer, ELEMENT Productions.

What’s in Store for LeadsCon 2020

LeadsCon Vegas 2020 was initially scheduled for 30 March to 1 April. However, due to the CoronaVirus global outbreak, the event dates were rescheduled to 30 September to 2 October 2020.

The Lead Gen event will take place at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. This conference has an estimated attendance of over 2500 attendees. 

Since LeadsCon 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, there are several new elements:

  • Power buyers
  • LeadsConnect
  • Innovation Alley
  • Women of LeadsCon
  • Recognition and research
  • Marketing

Registration is currently ongoing. Keynote speakers from major lead gen platforms are already lined up, ready to tackle a variety of topics. They include; Seth Van Der Swaagh, Industry Director Sales at Google, Mandy Harvey, Global Disability Advocate, and Dave Frankland, Author of Marketing to the Entitled Consumer.

There are 40+ sessions scheduled in the event as well as buyer and seller summits. Also, the lead conference will have 100 exhibition booths from different companies. 

LeadsCon 2020 Tickets

LeadsCon event registration for the rescheduled September-October lead gen conference is currently ongoing. A single attendee conference pass costs $1,475. This grants you access to all the activities that will be undertaken within three days. It includes Keynotes, networking events, Wednesday workshop, breakout sessions, meeting hubs, exhibit hall, late-night parties, and post-show content.

Currently, LeadsCon is offering a  discount. Applying the code NEW2020 during pass purchase gets you a $250 discount. Offer is available for a limited time.

Group registrations of 3+ people get $150 off per person, exclusive of discounts. Discounts cannot be combined with this offer. When registering as a group, you will have to sign up one person at a time.  After completing one sign up, an ‘add additional person.’ Click on it and repeat the procedure. Don’t show up alone. Invite your friends and enjoy a $150 price reduction.

If you are an international attendee, LeadsCon got you covered. You can simply download an approval letter template, and travel visa request letter to help ensure your request to attend the lead gen event is granted with ease. 

For event exhibitors, prices are set according to space size. The larger the size, the higher the price. A 20 by 20 space costs $15,750, 10 by 20 costs $8,350 and 10 by 10 $4,595. 

The headline sponsorship account is offered at $75,000. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise your brand to an engaged and targeted audience. Headline sponsorship grants you attendee exposure, digital presence, registrations, exhibitors, and meeting space. Sponsorships also get you VIP access and first-class priority in the entire event

Branding benefits are offered in two different packages. Platinum branding benefits account at $45,000- $74,999 and Gold branding benefits account at $25,000- $49,999. Branding helps to promote your company to the entire gen industry. One of the ways this is done is through featuring your logo on various platforms such as email, website, or a mobile banner.

Apart from sponsorship and the two branding benefits packages, other offers will enable you to put your company’s name out there. The event is filled with various activities that you can use as advertising platforms. These include sessions, happy hour sponsors, WiFi provider account, late-night parties, etc. For more information, visit the LeadsCon sponsorship page.

The Bottom Line

With the lead gen industry experiencing tremendous growth, it is a great time to attend LeadsCon which offers you an opportunity for growth, learning, and marketing. 

LeadsCon 2020 event is a place you should be. This is a platform where you will meet fellow like-minded lead gen professionals. Make a wise decision by being among the 2020 attendees. 

Register today and create an account with LeadsCon to get an opportunity to expand your business and grow your network.

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