HubSpot’s Inbound Conference 2020 Review

Last Updated: July 19, 2020

Every year, inbound marketers converge for endless education sessions, networking, and lots of fun-filled activities. The four-day event held in Boston brings together thousands of professionals and big names in the inbound marketing industry from all over the world.

Inbound is one of the fastest-growing business events. With over 26,000+ attendees from 110+ countries gathered in Boston, the events are guaranteed to have premium content from big names in the industry.

So, what should you expect at the Inbound Conference 2020? Read on to discover all the details about inbound events, who should attend, a total recap of last year’s event, and ticket prices.

Inbound at a Glance

Inbound conference is an annual event hosted by HubSpot. The first inbound event was held in Boston in 2012. Inbound HubSpot has since grown from a small yearly marketing seminar into a massive gathering of business people from all over the world. The events are held at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, also known as ‘The Inbound Mothership.’ 

Inbound marketing conference features keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and several breakout sessions held by innovative marketing and sales practitioners. Some of the past notable speakers include Michelle Obama, Issa Rae, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Inbound marketing events extend into a fun-filled Boston evening full of entertainment and great parties from famous comedians such as Tiffany Haddish and Trevor Noah. HubSpot events are the perfect combination of inspiration and entertainment.

Inbound is attended and covered by journalists from some of the biggest global media networks such as CNN, BBC, MTV, BuzzFeed, etc. HubSpot coverage is watched by thousands of people worldwide.

There is also an inbound studio where media platforms highlight stories of inspiring brands and people who pushed the boundaries in the industry—the Inbound studio air these stories online through interviews, short-form videos, and curated content.

Who Should Attend?

The Inbound conference is attended by anyone interested in inbound marketing or HubSpot.  Inbound marketing refers to marketing using various content marketing strategies such as eBooks, newsletters, blog posts, social media, webinars, etc. 

These four days in Boston for the Inbound conference are suitable for product marketers, startup founders, creative marketers, or any super curious inbound industry mind out there. The events are composed of more than basic learning and typical development content. As an attendee, you will be pumped up with positive energy, empowerment, and detailed ways that make it easier to move forward in your career. 

The unmissable event offers excellent content with 250+ speakers. The main reasons why you should attend the next inbound marketing conference are:

  • Brand new business insights that will forever change how you conduct your business. Inbound offers several world-class education sessions and workshops led by top marketing leaders.
  • Inspiration from notable speakers that give you motivation and determination to never give up.
  • Access to exclusive social media marketing using the trending hashtag  #INBOUND to drive traffic on your social media accounts.
  • Endless networking opportunities. With a high number of attendees, you may be one step away from making the most significant partnership in your career.

Inbound 2019: A Complete Recap

HubSpot 2019 conference was held from 3-6 September at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Over 26,000 attendees were present. Hubspot managed to invite more than 200 diverse speakers. 

Inbound conference 2019 had over 250 breakout sessions from the biggest and brightest names in the marketing industry. The talks were not only limited to sales and marketing. A couple of speakers highlighted a range of issues faced by people in the inbound marketing industry. 

Here are some of the most popular topics discussed by keynote speakers;

  • Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot. He emphasized the clear opportunities available at the event for marketers in the age of data collection. He also spoke about the importance of putting customers’ needs first and using their data to create a more personalized experience.
  • Alexis Ohanian; Reddit co-founder and Initialized Capital. He spoke on the importance of gender equality, the struggles of combining motherhood and career, and his vision of implementing paid maternity leaves for dads in corporate culture.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert, Bestselling and critically acclaimed author. She talked about the importance of relaxing, setting priorities, setting boundaries, and having the reassurance that ‘it’s all going to be alright.’

Other notable speakers included;

  • Jada Pinket Smith, renown actress and host of the Red table talk show
  • Titan Bryan Stevensons, Social justice  
  • Janelle Monae, Popular singer
  • Kate Couric, Legendary Journalist
  • Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy

HubSpot, the Inbound organizers, also launched a new app marketplace. HubSpot users can now access third-party tools and integrate the tools with their accounts. Businesses can use the platform to offer pricing information, demo videos, and data flow structure. 

Apart from all these, there were other adrenaline-filled activities. Such as The Inbound Studio with Alexis Ohanian, The growth show live at the Podcast lounge with Jen Rubio, Inbound & AWS at Vidyard and Inbound & Porsche; Viewing of the Taycan Word Premier. 

After-hours entertainment was graced by Chelsea Handler, Jaboukie Young-White, and many others.

HubSpot hospitality was on point. Every event was well streamlined. A selection of luxury hotels in Boston was available at a discounted rate to all attendees. From the audience to speakers, everyone seemed to have a great time.

All meals were accommodated to suit different religious and dietary practices. There was a wide variation of food; gluten-free,nut-free, dairy-free, halal, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan. The meals were readily available, and attendees didn’t have to place an order in advance.

What’s in Store For Inbound 2020

Inbound 2020 will be held 18-21 August at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. In case of any changes to the dates of the event, you should keep an eye out on the official Inbound website.

On the first day, HubSpot will officially open its doors in the evening. An Inbound Boston style welcoming party will follow. Over 174  sessions have been scheduled.

The next three days are well planned with 250+ breakout sessions on marketing, sales, and customer service. Breakout session speakers include Daniel Marcos CEO of Growth Institute, De’ Havia Stewart Business Strategist at Accenture, Amy Gallo, a Contributing Editor of Harvard Review, etc.

Apart from the breakout sessions, there will be meet up sessions, spotlights, and networking opportunities. Each day will end with a club inbound happy hour. 

Two of the keynote attending speakers are Rose Macario, President, and CEO of Patagonia and Ariel Kaye, Founder, and CEO of Parachute. Ensure that you stay updated on the content and list of keynote speakers

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is all-inclusive. There will be a special lactation room, quiet rooms for meditation, and all-gender restrooms. The entire BCEC and the Boston Campus is ADA friendly and accommodates special needs individuals. Food trucks will be located on different sites on the Boston campus. Remember, the meals served to cater to all dietary variations. If you have any restrictions or allergies, you can request special meals in advance.

All these details will be included in the HubSpot onsite materials.

Boston Inbound 2020 Tickets

Inbound registrations are currently ongoing. There are six types of passes available at different prices. 

The lowest-priced Community pass is $99. It grants you access to speakers, entertainment, and networking with fellow attendees. Breakout sessions at the event and discounted Boston hotel blocks are NOT included.

There are three types of specific days all-access passes; Friday, Thursday and Wednesday, at $599 each. These give you access to all things Inbound has to offer on the specific days indicated on your pass. 

All Access 4-day pass costs $999. It gives you complete access to everything Inbound has to offer during the entire week in Boston. The highest-priced pass is Power pass at $1,499. With power pass, you enjoy all perks Inbound has to offer. It gets you the most out of the event. 

Attendees with All Access and Power pass can reserve sessions in advance. Reserving a session saves you a spot as long as you show up 10 minutes before it officially begins. Reservations are made according to the group pass you are in.  Remember, the sooner you register at Inbound, the sooner you can make a reservation. 

When it comes to accommodation, HubSpot guarantees the best convenient and friendly services. Power pass and all-access pass holders can also book a hotel in Boston through the HubSpot portal. You can, therefore, take advantage of the crazy discounts of up to 38%.

The typical Inbound attendee saves about $600 with the discounts. Offers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Hotels are currently available from as low as $199 per night. There are also Airbnb accommodation options at only $89 a night. You can only book a hotel room after you have purchased a ticket.

The Bottom Line

Attending an Inbound marketing event is highly beneficial. The Boston event is filled with informative content, fun activities, endless networking opportunities, and relaxing nights. 

Don’t miss out on the upcoming conference. Take the next step in your career. Register and get an inbound pass today.

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