FinCon 2020 Review: Why You Should Attend

Last Updated: July 19, 2020

Every year, media meets money during the FinCon Expo. The event brings together personal finance influencers and brands for two days, where they get to learn, connect, and collaborate. 

If you are undecided whether to book your FinCon experience, read on to see why you should attend the financial influencers event of the year.

Unlike many other similar conferences, FinCon chooses a different location for the expo each year. Attendees can even win scholarships to help reduce the cost of attending. 

So, what is FinCon like, and what can you expect from the conference this year? We delve into all the details below and let you know how much it is going to cost to attend the event where money meets the media. 

FinCon at a Glance

FinCon launched in 2011 as the Financial Blogger Conference.

The event aimed to bring together influencers who create new media about financial topics. Through the conference, these influencers and brands learn how to create better content, connect with other brands, expand their audience, and ultimately make more money.

Attendees at FinCon are exposed to life-changing ideas to help them achieve financial freedom and independence. 

The first conference held in 2011 brought together about 200 bloggers in the personal finance niche. Over the years, the expo has expanded to include a new wave of content creators, including influences with podcasts, those on social media, and those who use videos to educate people on all things personal finance such as coupons, investing, and debt.

In so doing, FinFon has evolved from being just a conference to being a community of like-minded people who all get to build, promote, and grow themselves through the event.

The entire conference consists of a series of panels and workshops that expose attendees to money-related information. Attendees of the FinCon Expo get to hear from experts and other influencers.

Some of the topics tackled during the conference include investing, budgeting, debt reduction, retirement, among others. This year, FinCon will be marking ten years of existence and will be looking to celebrate its past and its future by bringing the entire community together.

Who Should Attend?

If you consider yourself a money nerd, especially in the personal finance niche, then you should undoubtedly book your spot.

The event is aimed at all types of content creators who focus on financial topics. The event brings together an entire community of podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, freelancers, and anyone interested in personal finance.

Besides learning more about the exciting niche, content creators will have a chance to interact with brands and promote their services. The vibrant networking will help you form life long relationships and partnerships that can drive your revenue.

So, if you are eyeing a particular brand to endorse and make your content better, then you know where you need to be in September.

FinCon 2019 Recap

FinCon 2019 was held at the Washington Hilton from 4th to 7th September.

True to its aim, the event brought together a community of money nerds from all over the world. FinCon2019 attracted over 2500 attendees, 100 exhibitors, and had over 200 speakers, all of whom came together to share and learn from each other.

The keynote speakers were Ramit Sethi and Sharon Epperson. Ramit is a New York Times best-selling author of I Will Teach you to Be Rich. He delivered the opening speech on 5th September.

Sharon, on the other hand, is a senior personal finance correspondent at CNBC Television and took to stage on 7th September.

Other notable speakers included Catherine Alford, who is an entrepreneur and a freelance financial expert and Tanja Hester, a blogger, podcaster, and author.

FinCon 2019 also attracted a variety of sponsors from the global financial scene. Some of the notable partners included Capital One, Fidelity Investments,, and AARP, which also got the chance to present at the conference. 

Most of the attendees stayed at the Hilton and held late-night hangouts after the sessions are over. These hangouts are an essential part of the conference since the creators get to unwind, make friends, and learn more about each other. 

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what went down during the summit.

3rd September

As is the norm, the day before the actual conference begins usually consists of community meetups. FinCon 2019 hosted three meetups on this day. These were a tour of the Pentagon, a baseball game of the Washington Nationals, and a Pre-FinCon Blog party. 

4th September

The event kicked off with an orientation for the first-time attendees. Twelve speakers took to stage to provide some gems before the day ended with a kick-off party.

5th September

Keynote speaker, Ramit Sethi, kickstarted the day with his keynote speech. About 22 other speakers followed through the day and tackled a variety of topics, including podcasting, freelancing, and more.

The Pro Networking session in the afternoon was an excellent opportunity for the attendees to mingle, and the day ended with an experts’ roundtable and Pro/Speaker mixer session.

6th September

Several community meetups started off the day before some 35 speakers took to the stage. Attendees also participated in community service before heading off to the day’s sessions.

The entire day was filled with micro talks and breakout sessions. There were several workshops as well that all handled different topics, such as branding and bootstrapping a startup. The final event of the day was the annual Plutus Awards ceremony.

7th September

The last day of the event started with several breakout sessions and community meetups. Several notable speakers like Grant Sabatier then took to the stage before the keynote speaker, Sharon Epperson, gave her closing speech.

The event ended at around 8 p.m, and a closing party was held to officially close FinCon 2019 (the closing party is not to be missed).

What’s in Store for FinCon 2020?

The FinCon 2020 Expo will be held from 29th to 30th September in Long Beach, California. The event has been dubbed the Financial Freedom Summit and will take place in the Long Beach Convention Center.

The event organizers plan to have over 100 attendees and more than 50 speakers over the two days. During this time, attendees will have access to over 50 sessions, all led by financial experts.

The event will also allow them to connect with the community of over 100 other attendees, who are also on the path to financial freedom. 

At the moment, there are about 36 speakers who are already enlisted in the official website.

Some of the most notable speakers include Grant Sabatier. He is the creator of Millenial Money and author of Financial Freedom, Vicki Robin, the author of Your Money or Your Life, and J.D Roth, founder of Get Rich Slowly. These speakers will handle a variety of topics, which will include budgeting, frugalism, side hustling, and financial independence. 

How Much is FinCon 2020?

You will need to secure your ticket early. Many people in the financial industry understand the value of this event, and it will be a challenge to get a pass at the last minute. 

If you are looking to register for this year’s event, you can either get the Basic Influencer pass, the Pro Influencer pass, or the Brand/Industry pass.

[Sidebar: prices are correct at the time of writing this article. For latest info visit the FinCon 2020 website.]

The Basic pass is suitable for all influencers, creators, freelancers, and advisers. For $250, this pass will give you limited access to FinCon 2020.

The Pro influencer pass is an ideal choice for creators who are looking to partner with financial brands. Additional access includes the Pro Networking event and Pro/Speaker mixer. This pass will cost you $450. Brand and industry representatives can access the third pass at $650. 

Financial Freedom Summit

There are two types of passes for attendees of the Financial Freedom Summit 2020, which is also aimed at both content creators and those pursuing financial freedom. The Early Bird Pass costs $247, and there were only 100 of them left at the time of writing. With this pass, attendees will have access to all speaker sessions and keynotes, the financial freedom summit workbook, the welcome package and swag, and the closing party and networking events. 

The VIP pass is for people who would like access to more events and products. Besides the basic features available for the basic pass, attendees will also receive some incentives. These include access to the exclusive VIP dinner with Grant and other select speakers, priority seating during the sessions, access to the VIP speaker mixer, video recordings of the speaker sessions, and lifetime access to the financial freedom course. The VIP pass will cost you $797, and there were only 100 of them available at the time of writing. 

It is worth mentioning that the passes don’t include food, transport, and accommodation. However, FinCon is working to provide some discounted accommodation for the attendees and will give more information soon. 

If you are worried about having to leave your children, you don’t have to anymore. Why not bring them along?

Perhaps they will learn a thing or two about personal finance and become better finance managers in the future. After all, the earlier they learn, the better, don’t you think?

The conference will provide childcare so that you don’t have to miss out on this life-changing summit (this is rare and a great idea from the hosts).

If you cannot attend the conference entirely, you can acquire a virtual pass. This pass will give you access to all the speaker recordings that will be available through the Financial Freedom Course. Note that you cannot receive a refund for your pass after you have bought it. You can, however, transfer the ticket to someone else.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the personal finance industry, or you want to get your finances in check, FinCon 2020 is a must-attend event.

Through this conference, you will get to learn from the experts in the industry and connect with other likeminded people. If you are targeting a particular brand to partner with, this event will provide the perfect platform to communicate with them and advertise yourself.

FinCon 2020 will be one of the best decisions you make for your personal finance. So, why don’t you get yourself a pass? With over the 50 sessions in the schedule, you are bound to pick a useful tip or two to better your personal finance decisions or grow your business.

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