CMSEO Review: Why Attend?

Last Updated: July 19, 2020

There are several SEO conferences held each year. So, which one should you attend?

If you are undecided, I would recommend the annual Chiang Mai SEO conference in Thailand. Chiang Mai is considered the capital of SEO in the world. Besides, the lifestyle in the city is an excellent attraction for digital nomads. 

CSMEO brings together experts from all around the world. They get to learn from industry leaders and network with fellow marketers. The bonus part is that they get to do all this while enjoying the rich cultural heritage of the city. 

This conference should be in your bucket list if you are looking to up your digital game and travel to a new destination. Have a look at all you should expect from the two-day event. 

Chiang Mai SEO Conference at a Glance

Every year, the top SEO entrepreneurs in SouthEast Asia gather in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to exchange ideas. CMSEO brings together over 700 affiliates, agency owners, and SEO entrepreneurs to network and form a global SEO community

Chiang Mai is known as the global SEO capital and is home to several events and sessions in the digital marketing scene. Anyone who is looking to sharpen their digital marketing skills should purpose to attend CMSEO. 

The first conference happened in 2017, and the event has grown to attract attendees from all around the world. Attendees get to interact with a series of social events that occur during the period. In between SEO sessions at Le Meridien Hotel, you could take the time to experience Chiang Mai and revel in the foreign culture. 

Besides sharpening their digital marketing skills, attendees get to discover breathtaking sights in Chiang Mai. You could view the stunning sunsets in Anantara’s stylish suites or enjoy the display of artwork in the Art Mai gallery. Although most attendees prefer to stay in Le Meridian Hotel, you could go for a different experience by staying at the Kantary Hills apartments. A stay in Akyra Manor will allow you to experience contemporary living in the city. The manor will be your ideal choice if you are looking to experience the bustling nightlife in Chiang Mai. 

This year, the event was set to take place on 12th and 13th November. However, the organizers decided to postpone the event to 2021 following the uncertainty around COVID-19. 

Recap of the 2019 Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Last year, more than 750 super-affiliates, agency owners, in-house SEO experts, and investors came together for the two-day conference. Most of the attendees were people who rank higher in some of the most challenging niches. CAMEO organizers, therefore, turn to their ideas to curate the conference program. 

The conference took place on the 14th and 15th of November. Some of the attendees chose to arrive earlier to participate in the three-day-long Loi Krathong River Festival. The festival was an excellent opportunity for digital nomads to interact while experiencing the expansive Thailand culture. 

2019’s conference attracted some notable speakers such as Gael Breton, Barry Adams, Stacey MacNaught, and Matt Diggity, who was the keynote speaker. Here’s a detailed recap of the conference. 

Day One: 14th November

Matt Diggity of Diggity Marketing was the first speaker on stage. His presentation focused on how easier it is to make money using SEO. He emphasized th need for proper keyword research and the relevance of inbound links. 

Kyle Roof was next on stage and highlighted how the Google algorithm works. Victor Karpenko, Stacey MacNaught, and Charles Floate were some of the other speakers lined for the day. Some of the issues they addressed included how to leverage the casino niche and outreach tactics for bloggers and journalists in 2020. 

Day Two: 15th November

Gael Breton of Authority Hacker was the first speaker on this day. His presentation revolved around taking your site to the next level. He introduced the Kaizen Approach to site-building that he has used for several of his sites. Travis Jamison then talked of the necessity of thinking like an investor before Nick Nimmin presented on how to leverage YouTube. 

Grant Simmons ended the presentations with some tips to help build a rock-solid SEO strategy. 

The Bottom Line

It’s without a doubt that CMSEO comes packed with some helpful tips for everyone in the digital marketing scene. Besides, it provides an excellent opportunity to travel to SouthEast Asia and experience a different culture. 

Unfortunately, this year’s conference will not take place. But on the flip side, it gives you ample time to get ready for next year’s. If you would like to learn some new SEO tips and skyrocket your business numbers, why not start preparing for the Chiang Mai Seo conference in 2021. Be sure to check out the spectacular destinations in Chiang Mai while there. 

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