Affiliate Summit 2020 Review: Should You Attend?

Last Updated: September 27, 2020

Affiliate marketing is an ever-growing channel popular among beginners and expert marketers and advertisers alike. If you are looking to get into the industry or would want to expand your knowledge, then you need to attend the Affiliate Summit 2020.

The Affiliate Summit brings together digital marketers, expert speakers, and exhibitors from all around the globe. The Summit provides an excellent opportunity for these like-minded people to interact, share experiences, and learn from each other. 

Now, you are probably wondering, ‘Is the Affiliate Summit worth it? Should I attend this event?’ Well, if you are still undecided, this Affiliate Summit Review should help clear up your doubts.

An Overview of the Affiliate Summit

In 2003, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward put together their experience in affiliate marketing. The result was the Affiliate Marketing Summit. The two have decades of experience in the field, with Shawn starting in 1997 and Missy in 1999. 

The duo aimed to provide an educational resource for affiliate marketers. The summit would provide educational material and the latest industry news on affiliate marketing. As a result, attendees would be well-equipped to foster a more productive networking environment. 

Every year, the Affiliate Summit Conference hosts attendees in six primary categories. These categories are affiliate, affiliate management, advertiser, solution provider, network, and agency. 

Over the years, the Affiliate Summit has grown beyond the conference alone. Today, the brand also consists of Affiliate Summit Social Events, Performance Marketing Summit,, FeedFront Magazine, and 

Shawn and Missy continue to play their role in advancing affiliate marketing. The duo has authored several books that are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. 

To attract affiliates all over the world, the affiliate conferences take place in four regions; Europe, Asia, the West Coast, and the East Coast.

Who Should Attend?

The Affiliate Summit is for everyone interested in affiliate marketing and online advertising. The event brings together individuals, agencies, and companies alike. 

Affiliate marketing is a broad industry and you will be surprised at how different people are that turn up for the conference. Affiliates only make up a quarter of all the attendees to the summit.

In addition to affiliates, companies and people who are looking to buy or sell web traffic also attend the event. Companies that are looking to venture into affiliate marketing should also attend the summit. What better place to get a kickstart and sign up some affiliates than at the Affiliate Summit?

If you are a blogger or an online publisher, you also have a lot to gain from the Affiliate Summit. At the conference, you are bound to come across some useful people. You can put your networking skills at work and land yourself a partnership for your blog or publication. 

The Affiliate Summit is also useful for anyone who works with social media or search traffic. Whether you are an SEO or SEM marketer (the conference is heavily focused on paid traffic), or a company that is looking to increase its social media reach, the summit is an excellent opportunity to get you started. 

Affiliate Summit 2020: Here’s What to Expect

Although Affiliate Summit West 2020 already took place, there other three conferences are yet to happen. The Affiliate Summit Europe and Affiliate Summit East have both been postponed, following the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The organizers will announce the dates for the two conferences as well as the Affiliate Summit Asia once everything clears up.

The good news is that the Affiliate Summit conferences will still take place when the pandemic is over. So, what should you expect from the summit this year?

  • Meet Market

On the first day of the summit, attendees will get to interact with others in the meet market. The event takes place over six hours. During this time, you could get to meet hundreds of leads in a free event where everyone gets to be themselves. The meet market is an excellent opportunity to break the ice and turn strangers into partners.

  • Exhibit Hall

If you are looking to bag some clients, the exhibit hall will be an excellent place to do so. The massive hall provides an opportunity for you to interact with your clients and meet some prospective ones too. The hall will have some constant traffic so you can be sure to get an audience for your products and services. Besides, if you are in the search for some new marketing tools, you shouldn’t bypass the chance to stop by this hall. 

  • Networking Opportunities

The Affiliate Summit is filled with opportunities for you to create some valuable connections with others in the industry. The summit will include networking hubs, vertical meet-ups, interactive features, and roundtables. During the summit, you will be able to meet with some of the biggest names in the industries even when you are relaxing.

  • Learning Opportunities

If you are serious about performance-based marketing, then you will have tons to learn at the affiliate summit. Different experts in the field will take to the stage to give insights on some of the best practices. You will collect some actionable gems from the speakers and other attendees as well to help skyrocket your business. 


The Affiliate Summit Europe 2020 was set to happen on 3rd-4th June in RAI Amsterdam. The summit will bring together over 2000 attendees from 60 different countries, 70 exhibitors and sponsors, and over 30 expert speakers. Over the years the organizers have had different venues including the London Affiliate Conference. The first LAC London summit took place in 2007 before taking an 11-year long hiatus. One of the most interesting features of the Affiliate Conference Amsterdam is that there will be an all-female speaker lineup. The organizers want to showcase the amazing women who are working to transform the affiliate marketing industry. 

You can still register as an attendee or as an exhibitor through the website. Attendees get to choose from four different passes; the Networking pass, Networking Plus Pass, VIP pass, and Affiliate or Advertiser Pass.

  • Networking pass: this pass will give you access to the basic features at the summit. The pass includes entrance to the exhibition, meet market, party entry, keynote sessions, and access to the official app. This pass costs $450.
  • Networking Plus pass: in addition to the access available for the Networking pass, this one will give you access to the session PowerPoint presentations. This pass is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to connect with and learn from the industry’s insiders. 
  • VIP pass:  the VIP pass costs $750. With this pass, you will have access to the VUP lounge, the meet and greet session with the keynote speakers, and entrance to the roundtables in addition to the features of the above passes.
  • Affiliate and Advertiser pass: these passes were available for free upon filling the application form at the website. However, the due date for the application is already passed. So, you may want to purchase any of the other passes or contact the organizers. 


The Affiliate Summit East was scheduled for the 27th-29th July at the Javits Center, New York. Over 4,000 affiliates, 75 expert speakers, and 310 exhibitors and sponsors will be in attendance. Over the two days of the conference, there will be more than 150 sessions that will cover a range of topics in the industry. In addition to the summit, the Affiliate Summit East will have AM days that will include several workshops. The workshops will cover a variety of topics related to affiliate marketing. The topics include identifying and recruiting quality content partners, affiliate types, attribution & program optimization, and how to enhance affiliate engagement, among others. 

As is the case with the ASEURO20, there are four different passes for the attendees. 

  • Networking pass: the pass will give you access to the basic events at the summit. You will get to enter the exhibition, the meet market and pub crawl, and entrance to the keynote sessions. The networking pass will cost you $299. 
  • Network Plus pass: If you would like to access all the content from the summit, then you should get the Net Plus pass. This pass will grant you access to all the sessions apart from the workshops. The Networking Plus pass will cost $399 and will allow you to attend the roundtables, the session PowerPoint presentations, among others. 
  • VIP passes: The VIP pass costs $699 and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants insights to all the great nuggets. The best part about the VIP pass is that it will grant you access to the VIP lounge where you will get to meet and greet the keynote speakers. 
  • AM Combo passes: These passes are best for anyone who is attending the summit to learn more about affiliate marketing. These passes will allow you to attend the AM workshops during the first two days of the summit. 

You can also get the free affiliate passes. However, you will need to fill in an application form by 5th June. You can find the application forms on the Affiliate Summit website. 


Affiliate Summit is yet to confirm the dates for this year’s APAC summit. The summit will take place in the Sands Expo Centre in Singapore over a two-day period. Unlike the other three conferences, there will only be three passes for the APAC summit.

  • Networking pass: This pass will allow you access to the exhibition and food crawl, the affiliate university, the opening reception and party entry, as well as access to keynotes and the networking app. 
  • Networking Plus pass: on top of all the features in the Networking pass, attendees who purchase this pass will be able to attend all the roundtables, the tracks and drops in the clinic, and fast track registration. 
  • VIP pass: if you would like to meet the keynote speakers, then you should go for the VIP pass. This pass will give you access to the VIP keynote session, access to the VIP lounge, and lunch on the second day. 


The Affiliate Summit West already took place in Las Vegas on 27-29 January at the Paris hotel. For next year’s summit, the organizers will move the event to Caesars Forum Center. Some of the topics covered during the Affiliate Summit West included brand awareness, content marketing, leads, and strategy.

The Bottom Line

The Affiliate Summit is a must-attend event for anyone in the affiliate marketing business. The conference takes place in four regions, so you are sure to find one that’s close to you.

Although the summits have been postponed due to the global pandemic, be sure to keep checking the website for the new dates. This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet other people in the industry and get to learn from some of the industry’s leaders.

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